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Monica's Apartment (Friends)


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Monica's Apartment from the classic, and arguably best, sitcom - Friends.

Now you can enjoy building the iconic apartment which featured in 236 episodes of the much-loved TV series. From the kitchen area to the balcony, the lounge to the 'secret door', this is a faithful reproduction of the most well known apartment in New York.


Included are all six main characters: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. Chandler in his trademark sweater-vest, Phoebe with her Guitar and Ross with his briefcase; and not forgetting Rachel's iconic hair!


Look around the apartment; everything is there from the oak beam where Ross banged his head to the slanted windows looking out at the Ugly Naked Guy's apartment. The bathroom is complete fixtures and there's even Monica's 'secret door' to the cupboard where no-one is allowed to go.

Look on the shelf next the fridge; it's the Gellar Cup!

So now's your chance to support this detailed reproduction of the purple seventh character in Friends. Let's turn Monica's apartment into a real Lego set!

I'm going to start building the set for real next, so stay tuned for updates!

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