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Artificial Intelligence Dropship

The Artificial Intelligence Dropship or AID is a robot-starshuttle combination. It has a rounded roof and stern and a docking bay in the bow for two to four speeder bikes. The interior of the main deck is filled with controls (for while it is an artificial intelligence operation it can also be controlled manually by a duo of characters on swivel-and-move classic LEGO chairs) and viewports (which also serve as the AID's eyes making it kinda cute) which are available to four minifigures.
  • The Five total minifigures are the main operative A.K.A. Slash, The four Robots: "Red", Silver", and "Black" With the newest addition "FX-U3"
  • The Four Speeders Grey for Slash, and Black, Red and White for their appropriate owners.
  • The design also features torpedo launch tubes.
By: Dr. Edge

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