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Vintage Hot Rod


NEW Hot Rod Trailer with 360


Vintage Hot Rod REDESIGN

It took me all day but it's finally done. The first redesign is done. I hope you will enjoy this new redesign as much as I do and I am gonna render some new images so that I can replace these images with the new design. Tomorrow I will work on a 360 video of the Hot Rod. See you guys again tomorrow.


Updates and Redesigns

I want to try and make this set a reality. The old design expired but I don't want to reupload this and call it a day. I will be redesigning and make changes as I get ideas for this project and some people complained that the back wheel wasn't big enough or wasn't proportional to the rest of the vehicle. I will change that as the first redesign. I will find a way to use a bigger wheel and tire.

I won't be able to redesign all the time due to my involvment in a web series that my friends and I have been planning for a long time.


Vintage Hot Rod Trailer