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Vintage Phones


Hello? Who's calling?

Who doesn't like vintage things? I do!

Every time I pass by a vintage shop on the street I stop to look inside even for a second. It's like every thing there has a story behind it, something interesting.

Every time I think of buying one and put in in my apartment, just for the beauty of it. But somehow I never do. One day a thought came to my mind, I collect Lego and display it, what if there was a Lego set of something that is truly vintage for me to display? It would awesome!

I thought to myself, what could be small enough to display and truly say "I'm old"? So I came up with vintage phones, you know, like my grandparents had.

So I searched for Lego vintage phone but couldn't find one which satisfied me. So I took the challenge to build one myself. 

I knew what would I like the phone to look like but didn't know what parts should I use, so I made a digital model. After I finished it, it had only a one phone (the tall one). I was thrilled and decided to make another one. When I was done i was even happier, together they look even better. 

It was very important to me to make the phones look as real as it can be, I think it turned out not bad at all. The dials can spin and the headphones can be picked up.

After building a digital model I ordered the pieces and built them and they turned out to be even better in real life! I was thrilled. 

Then I decided to share it with you guys, so you can enjoy both a piece of history and a Lego sculpture in one shot.

Hope some of you will agree with me, so don't be shy, support and leave some comments =]

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