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Star Wars the Clone Wars Umbaran Hover Tank

I have decided to take a break from SWTOR for a while. So, I decided to do the Umbaran Hover Tank from the Clone Wars in the Battle of Umbara.
Up above, the tank is parked, with its hover skis acting as legs that hold it in place.

Here, the tank is on the move. The skis act as repulsion systems, allowing the tank to glide smoothly, while exhaust valves in back create thrust.

This is an electromagnetic plasma cannon. To fire, pull the disk shaped-armor back. This will fire the dart at your target. There is one cannon on each side.

The Umbaran is not the only minifigure in this set. Next to him are two phase II clones, one carrying a rifle, the other a portable projectile launcher. Next to them is ARC Trooper Fives.

Well, that's it. I hope you like this set. This is meant for the younger people, but I can see where some older people can enjoy it.

May the Force be with you.

Edition 2.0 Update, December 11, 2013. 20 supporters.
Additions: None. Waiting for updated Phase 2 clone helmets.

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