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Hanging Garden of Babylon


The seven wonders of the ancient world have been all discovered except one. This wonder is in the mind of all explorers, scientists, adventurers, archaeologists
and kids of the world. This wonder feeds lots of legends and dreams. It’s a kind of complex garden built in Mesopotamia like an oasis in the desert this wonder is an oasis peacefully located in the city of Babylon. Engineer build an ingenious irrigation system that permits to bring water at the bottom of the building.

Stabo says about this garden:” The ascent to the highest story is by stairs and at their side are water engines, by means of which persons, appointed expressly for the purpose, are continually employed in raising water from the Euphrates into the garden”. This is one of the only traces that we got about this wonder and it gives us a clear field to conceive the beauty of this building.

I decided to do that by inspirited myself with Mesopotamian architecture like the arches, the roof and the sand color to give an historical meaning to that building. But few inscriptions with hieroglyphs and water fountain at the top give a mystic side to this creation. It’s my own interpretation filled of vegetations and water of this garden. 

It could be an amazing set to all people who wants a beautiful building in their house but also for lovers of nature and history. That’s a way for everyone to finally find the lost wonder: The hanging garden of Babylon.

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