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The Price is Right


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Here it comes! From the HH Bricks Studio in Gretna, Nebraska, it's The Price Is Right!

Growing up in the 90's there were 2 things I loved: LEGO & game shows.  As an adult I thought why not both?

My LEGO Idea is based on the classic long-running game show "The Price is Right".  Included in this 2,000 piece set features some of the iconic elements of the game:

The set features a mini-fig stand with Bob Barker & Drew Carey with the Price is Right logo.


And test your luck on Contestant's Row to get closest to actual retail price.  $1 dollar Bob!

Be the closest without going over for your chance to play the most notable game - Plinko!

1st Plinko chip is yours but if you want a chance for 4 more you are going to have to guess whether the common retail items start with, or end with, the numbers shown.

Whether you win or lose with Plinko you will have your shot to spin the wheel!  Test your skills and see if you can't get $1.00 to get in the Showcase Showdown!

If you love The Price is Right and LEGO, I would be forever thankful for your support in making a dream a reality!

All this can be yours if.....The Price is Right!...and the votes :)

Clock will start with your first vote...go!

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