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Mini Minecraft Worlds: Poolside view

So, as everyone knows Minecraft is already a Cuusoo Merchandise and one of their projects. I've come up with something to add to it, Just to say, i'm not a minecraft fan, I just think it's a good and easy idea for a project.

Mini Minecraft worlds are meant to be like Star Wars planet sets and LEGO Mini Builds but with a few more pieces. There are a few on my projects I have planned. This is the one I most remember from the demo when it came out. A Poolside view with a tree with a river beneath it. As you can see, it's pretty small but it's supposed to be. At the base it's brown bricks taking up the position as mud. The next grey layer is stone. Built in the middle of the first 2 layers and the 3rd layer which is grass, is a small underground stream. Un the top is a tree made out of green and brown bricks and a pool with sandstone around it.

Please support my project!

P.S: The Steve figure comes with the set!

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