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Endangered Mammals


Updated legs

I have changed the legs and neck of a few of my models. The legs are now able to move backwards and forwards with the new joints.

The addax has improved leg joints and more support around the neck.

The leopard has improved leg and neck joints so it is more articulated.


I have also created several more pictures to show the different positions you can put the animals into:

Dolphin model

Gorilla model

Rhinoceros model

5 original mammals in different positions.





Here is a pangolin for JKushen's request.

It contains 47 pieces.

I hope that you like it.


Asian elephant

I decided to make an Asian elephant for all of the supporters of my project.

It contains 153 pieces.I hope that you like it. Thank you everyone.


Red Panda

Here is a red panda for Pandapants200's request.

It contains 64 pieces.I hope that you like it.


Giant panda

This is a Giant Panda for legobeethoven's request 

It contains 91 pieces.

I hope that you like it.


Ethiopian wolf

This is an Ethiopian wolf for MachineWolf7's request.

It contains 78 pieces.

I hope that you like it.



I would appreciate any comments for other endangered mammal/animal models or improvements for my existing models. I will try to create those which appear in the comments. 

Thank you

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