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About This Project

The Nighthawk is a stealth troop carrier that is best used for quick in and out stealth troop drops. With the Nighthawk's ability to land and takeoff vertically it can get into hard to reach places where there is no runways. The wings also fold up for storage in the hanger and if needed for flying in tight places. There is secondary engines near the wing tips which help with flight and landing. The landing gear folds up/down. The cockpit can detach in case of emergency and fly for a limited time. The center back of the Nighthawk opens up to reveal the space for the troops. There is a ramp for them to exit. Inside there is a radio for tunes and to talk to the pilot. Also there is space to holster the troops weapons during flight and after missions. There are no seats so that more troops can fit. They can stand or sit it's up to you. The version pictured is the basic stealth package. It doesn't have any weapons but it can be outfitted if needed.

Play Features:

  • The cockpit holds one minifigure.
  • The wings can fold/twist in many directions.
  • The cockpit can detach in case of emergency.
  • The landing gear can fold up/down.
  • The back and top can open up to reveal the space for the troops.
  • It fits two or three troops in the back depending on how they are put in.
  • It holds six minifigure weapons in the back by the radio.


  • Four minifigures. One pilot and three troops.
  • Six minifigure weapons.

This project is my attempt at a Harrier type plane. That can take off and land vertically. If you like it please support, follow, and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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