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Hi everybody! This is the first of a series of modular buildings that I will be making. The ideas is that it's a normal Modular building, but half the size! I did this because the official LEGO modular building sets are axpensive, and this is a cheaper option. 

This is a plant shop, where minifigures go to buy, well, plants! At the front of the building, there are many nice features, such as a light post, windows with greenery, and large P. L. A. N. T. S.  letters made with green plates. The main floor features a rack of the finest herbs and oils, as well as a selection of flowers. GO upstairs and you'll find some large palm leaves, and out on the patio there are some sitting chairs, a large tree, and some vines for sale.

Thanks for your support! Look for more "Half-size Modulars" from me in the future!

It would also be greatly appreciated if you would Check out my YouTube channel, where I post videos of all of my new projects: 

Thanks again! Bye!

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