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Making a hospital #1 MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging device)

First time posting here is Lee Ji seong.
Figures raise them to the hospital is necessary, both 10000 quadrant product of their thought just needed props or non hospital creates props, one by one quadrant 10000 has to wait for the release of the hospital.

So in a large hospital equipped by a

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging device) has decided to create!!

Is divided largely into two
One MRI unit, and a control desk.
Is divided into a control desk chair, desk.

Chair, put down on the turntable in a yellow chair was increased by using a circular plate. Sit down and turn around things ^ ^

Control desk to place the monitor and keyboard, two sikyeotgo
MRI in the emergency room and the right button and receive calls from outside of the conversations have been installed in the handset.
Under the patient's data and can be stored for contrast media, and that has been installed.

* This is an aside, make a desk walker neck was very awkward. I worry about height, shape the way problems were many really do bother. ㅠ ㅠ (most have a lot of worries.)

MRI with contrast media sees next to the body to use the ringer and the ringer bar looks. Sap of the blue ... ^ ^
I want to express that the floor on wheels four white circular plate was used.
I'm largely divided into 3 main body MRI.
MRI unit and bed for the patient, and the patient bed is moved automatically sikyeoju rail.
Patients with the bed rail joints using a turntable back on the rail bed, the patient also has been created.
So as well as back and forth! So go back to the left and right ^ ^

MRI of the genus using the hinge device of the sensor was included in the back.
(MRI take you seen what I'm saying they'd know, I mean ^ ^)
I have tried to express as closely as possible through machine ^ ^

MRI aspects of the monitor, the monitor has made a move.
Turn left and right side moving up and down as the move is also ^ ^

Combining all three parts of this MRI completed ~! ^ 0 ^

It will conclude with the introduction of my creations.
Thank you for your article please read over scarce. ^ ^

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