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Lego Combined Force


When the city is in danger the most advanced vehicles will assemble together to protect the citizens, they
are the Lego Combined Force!!!

Those 5 vehicles are;

-The Fire Truck with its leadder equiped with water pump hose to protec from any fire menace.

-The Jet protects the skies.

-The Police Car is ready to protect and serve.

-to give cover in the skies always count on the  Police Chooper.

- and last but not least the Tractor ready to rebuild the city.

And if the menace is to big, no problem!! they will join forces to became the most powerful giant robot the
Hyperion Defender.

It's not necessary to take apart the pieces in order to build the robot. Their design allow each one of them to transform,
into a different robot part.

Some vehicles parts turn into different weapons: The back part of the firetruck turn into is a shield, the truck
ladder in a hammer and the chopper's blades become a powerful sword. Inside all vehicles, you can to fit one of the 5 unique
figures which were design to specially to this series.

I ask you to check out the video to see how cool is the robot transformation, the vehicles and the characters presentation.

I've always liked to watch all those super sentai series like Changeman,Flashman,Jaspion and Power Ranger, since I was a kid and i think those robot were awesome I've always wanted to make my own robot, that's why I tried to build one when I bought my first lego box.

I've put all my heart and soul in this project.  
so you can make sure that it has the best  quality, the pieces don't fall apart all the time (as you can see in the video otherwise, I would got crazy rsrs)

Lego would make my dream come true if they release this box and if you have the same dream as me, please join me and let's make this dream come true

-If you read up to this point, I'll ask you to vote and ask your friends who love Super Sentai to vote too.

You won't regret!!!



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