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Legoland Atlantis Theme Park Ride


This is my Legoland Atlantis Theme Park Ride project, based on the fantastic "submarine" ride at Legoland Windsor. My son wanted a souvenir of the ride when we visited Legoland Windsor a few years ago, and I built the little submarine in front of the sign for him. I have had this project in the back of my mind ever since and I finally got around to starting this build a couple of weeks ago. I think this would make a great Lego Ideas project and would be the perfect purchase once people had went for a ride on the real thing!

The build: This is my biggest project so far, and getting the main part of the building in it's triangular glory was the most difficult. Once it was in place the ATLANTIS signage had to be carefully placed and I used thin bars to represent the trident theme of the whole ride. The next step was the entrance and exit portion of the building and the entrance has an opening gate and the exit has two lockers so minifigures can store their bags before going on the "submarine". I added two Octopus Men minifigures on top of the roof, just like the real building and I finished this portion of the build with the "submarine" model with fenced off area including tridents, again like the real area. To complete the theme park feel, I added a seating area with trash cans and balloons, and my favourite part of the build, the moving "submarine" ride, complete with pyramid & shark, treasure chest with jewels and a clam and the pool area with seaweed and a crab. The mini-sub is on a wheeled moving platform that goes back and forth to increase playability and I included a working propeller that spins and the sides are covered in triangular and round windows. Finally, I added a Shark Man minifigure statue on a grey pedestal, the perfect place for a few minifigure selfies.

I would complete this set with four minifigures, a theme park employee (in blue by the gate) a female adult minifigure and two children minifigures with the shorter legs. Overall, this would mean there are seven minifigures in total. The whole set would be aimed at both adults and children, it would hopefully appeal to people who have been on the ride and those who have not been lucky enough to have a go.

If you like this project, please follow and support. I welcome any feedback and I always take the time to reply and do any updates suggested where possible. I would be glad if you check out my other projects too.


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