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The Starbucks Modular

The building is based on a Starbucks building in Seoul, South Korea.
It was a Starbucks building that I often visited when I was in school, so I made it into a Lego modular building.

Overall, it is a neat and modern style building.
Brick bricks stand out the most and there is a Starbucks logo on the third floor.

It's a shame that I can't always see the inside around me, so my building has all the walls open in the back or big windows, so I can see the inside.
If you open the wall on the first floor, you can see the barista making coffee, cookies, and cakes.
The second floor can open two walls, and if you open the left wall, you can see a space for customers to drink coffee.
When you open the right wall, you can see the bathroom, and you can see the face of the customer who saw the slightly dirty toilet.

Inside Starbucks

Inside the first floor, there is a counter and a warehouse for ordering coffee.
In front of the counter, there is a space where you can purchase goods such as Starbucks tumblers.
Looking at the counter, you can also see customers ordering coffee with their cards. There is a table by the window, and you can drink coffee comfortably here, too.
And on the other side, you can see an employee making cookies.

The back door is a door that can only be used by employees, and if you come out here, you can go to the warehouse right away.
In the warehouse, various beans, cookies, and Starbucks tumblers are in the box.

This is the inside of the second floor.
On the second floor, there is a space for coffee and a bathroom.
Various types of tables and chairs are arranged so that you can drink coffee on your favorite chairs or tables.
A soft chair is prepared by the window, and there is a wooden chair inside.
There are large tables and chairs that can be used when many people come together, and tables that can be used when they come alone.

The bathroom is a little dirty, so there is a mini figure that is surprised, and there is a toilet behind it.

This is the third floor for the third floor.
There is an outdoor terrace space on the third floor.
You can also drink coffee here on a fine day.
Here, you can see the couple drinking coffee happily.

If you enter the room next to you, there is a space where you can drink coffee quietly.
You can sit by the window and drink coffee, or you can drink coffee at a single table in the back.

The building has a total of 2,980pcs and is a set of two barista mini figures and six guest mini figures.

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