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The (Functional) LEGO Phone Charging Stand


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Hi my name is LEGO_master3 and this is my latest submission to LEGO ideas: The LEGO phone charging stand. I wanted to build something unique and useful so that you could use it in your everyday life. I really like robots, so I wanted to make mine look robotic, as you can probably tell I used a lot of grey pieces to try and make it look futuristic.

I didn't just want to make an ordinary phone stand because that would have been too boring in my opinion, so I made mine have special functions. The first function is that it has a rotating base so that if you want to move it you can simply just turn it without having to go through too much trouble. The second function is that since the phone stand is held by 3 connected LEGO rods it gives it the ability to move left and right. Both functions combined give the phone stand a lot of versatility and movement options. Here is a quick video to show you how it works
I hope you like my design and consider giving it support : )


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