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Modular Bank


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The Modular Bank is a project that I have been working on for quite some time. It goes right along with the other Modular Buildings (literally in fact). Now the mini-figures will not have to pay with credit cards, as they can get money straight from the bank. 

The bank consists of three detachable levels plus a roof. On the ground floor, below the entrance, lies the vault of the bank. Guarded by a watchman, the money is safe behind the locked door of the vault. There is no ground access to the vault. It can only be entered by a stairwell. The stairwell door is located behind the teller desks, so that no unauthorized personnel can enter. This is on the second floor, where the patrons of the bank enter the building. The majority of the interior details are located on the second floor. The bank tellers are situated behind the counter, and there are many features included, such as a decorated clock, a desk to write checks and fill out of deposit envelopes, and the staircase to the upper floor. Upstairs, in the meeting room, the Board of Directors discuss the management of the bank. If the conversation gets too long, they can refresh with the water cooler in the corner.

Unlike my Modular Apartment Building, the bank is equipped with stairs, so the people can roam freely between the different levels of the building. Please support, share and comment on this project. I need 10,000 supporters to get this set into the review stage, so I need all the help I can get!

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