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UCS Dragon

Say hello to one of the most powerful creatures known to man... the Dragon.

Spoken of in legends across the world, the dragon is considered to be either a source of death, or a source of wisdom. Greeks portrayed these creatures as mass murdering monsters, killing many brave or hapless men.

Here, I introduce a dragon of my own design. With 60 teeth in it's mouth, and a body of pure muscle and bone, the only thing that keeps it classified as a dragon is it's ability to breathe fire. It lacks wings, but is quick and flexible.

That is, that is how it would be if it was real. Unfortunately, in order to keep this creature a realistic looking as possible, I had to fill in gaps between each body section, minimizing it's movability. The most flexible parts are the ankles. The hip and shoulder joints are rotatable, so the feet need to be adjustable in order to keep it's feet flat on the surface it's standing on.

Although I don't know the size of this beast, I can tell you that it contains 3137 bricks. However, a smaller version is possible, though I didn't go for small.

The dragon also comes with an attachment that goes into it's mouth, making it seem like it's breathing fire. You can also see flames coming out of the dragon's nostrils.

Thank you for looking at this. I plan on bringing in other creatures of legends, like the Kraken and Leviathan, but if you have any others, either comment, or go like my Facebook page and comment there (search Xendor).

I realize that, at this moment, this dragon is out of the price range of many (that's why it's called Ultimate Collector's Set), but I hope you support it anyway.


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