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Marble Turntable


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This GBC (Great Ball Contraption) module is run using four LEGO Mindstorms motors and one LEGO Power functions motor. It is an extremely complex module that uses about fifty gears and weighs approximately 14 pounds.

 It uses two motors to spin the cross (turntable) from the middle. This action, of the cross (turntable) spinning, drives the four modules on top, which always face forward. These modules are fed by a controlled ball pump, which sends two balls at a time.

The modules empty the balls out through the middle of their bases which is also where a Technic axle runs through to power the modules. The balls fall out of the modules into the cross, and then empty out onto the spiral track. Once they roll down the spiral track, they are picked up by a conveyor and moved on the the next module.

 It works well as a desk or table display. It is fun to play with and to look at. Learn about the Mechanics of LEGO in action.

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