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The American Yellow School Bus


The American Yellow School Bus is a cultural icon and a worldwide institution. Those outside the US who don’t see it on the street certainly see it on TV, with characters like Otto in The Simpsons. 😉

Why is it so recognizable? Due to the bright yellow color, a standard for school transportation across the country. With its distinctive yellow livery, this design classic has inhabited the roads of North America in various forms since 1939.

The region is unique in having a fleet of dedicated buses for transporting school students. Most other areas use ordinary public-service buses for the school runs.

On average 480,000 yellow buses carry upwards of 25 million children to school on a daily basis in the US. Today the colorful vehicle is involved in less than 1% of annual road casualties. And 55% of children are safely transported in that unmistakable yellow shell.

So let's finally give our LEGO minifgures this way of transportation and add some color in the streets of LEGO City.

En route !

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