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Narrow Gauge Train set


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As Sheldon Cooper stated, " It is half the size, but twice the fun." (The Big Bang Theory). I am proud to present my version of a narrow gauge train. This train is fully detailed from the up workings on the boiler to the brakes on the caboose. The locomotive is modeled after a Porter steam locomotive, while the  coaches are designed from rail cars one would see at an amusement park. I recently that of this model from a trip to Cedar Point, Ohio which contains a small narrow gauge line run by these locomotives. They have quite a bit of strength for their small size. The set includes 1 locomotive and tender, 2 coaches, 1 caboose, an engineer and conductor. For a size comparison, I have included side-by-side photos of this train next to "The Centennial" (a 4-4-0 locomotive) and my model of a Berkshire Class locomotive in that order. 

     Details on the locomotive and tender include a air compressor on the side of the boiler, a cow catcher, upper boiler workings, valve gear, connecting rods, and interior cab details to display the valves and gauges for this style of engine. The tender has a realistic coal load, water tank, rear light and ladder.

    The coaches are decorated on the exterior walls, and the doors open to allow passengers to hop in side with ease.

   The caboose features a small interior stove and chair for the conductor. On the outside, the caboose have a hand brake, an air tank, and brakes(located on the chassis) in order to stop the train. That might be important!

The current scene the train is in is not included with the set, but potential items are the crossing gate and a future station that will appear in updated shots.

Enjoy the set everyone, and have a nice day!



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