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Small Pool

This is a project of mine called the Small Pool. It is a small above ground pool that is perfect for minifigures. Minifigures can walk up the stairs and jump right into the pool. I used some LEGO Dots pieces to make some cool tile designs on the floor of the pool. I think they look really nice. I built this project as an addition to another project of mine, the Modern House. I wanted the house to have a pool because only a few LEGO sets have pool in them, and for most of them, minifigures can't even go in them. That is why I think this project would make a great LEGO set. This has not been done before, and I think people would like it. You can put it on display in a LEGO city, and you can fill the pool with real water and play with minifigures in it! If you like this project, please support it and my other projects as well. Thank you!

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