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LEGO Modern Pool House

This is a modern-style pool house. It is a single story modern house, with a big garden and a huge pool. Let's start outside in the garden. It comes with some small things, like a grill, plants and a trash can. It also has some big things, like the cobblestone pallet floor, tile surrounding the pool and of course the pool itself. It is a huge pool, giving it the name "pool house". Continuing on the outside, is the house. On the front (the most detailed side) has two glass double doors, and a window. It also is made of wood and bricks, while the rest of the house is white with some smaller windows. On the inside, is a bedroom with the main color being yellow, continuing we find the living room, with a wooden floor, a TV and a nice comfy couch. Than we have the kitchen and the dining room, where we will either cook with an oven or eat at the big table.

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