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31 Minutos T.V. Studio


31 Minutos T.V. Studio expansion

​​​The most important update on the set is the addition of the character Dante Torobolino “The explosive magician”. That character enters due to the large number of requests from fans of the show to include him. The magician enters to replace the character “Tio Pelado”.

Another major update is the separation of the dressing room and the meeting room. Now each room is its own place and they are located at both ends of the main stage. The dressing room now includes a mirror and a few other accessories. All of this causes an increase in the number of pieces, reaching a total of 704.

Some pictures were included in the dressing room and the meeting room. Those pictures will include stickers with portraits of characters that could not be included in the set and other funny images.

Finally, we included two buildable figures from the stagehands of the show, characters who frequently appear on the series and could not be represented as minifigures.

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