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Sherwood Camp


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Due to several requests, and after discussing it with Lego customer service, I have decided to submit a project including Friar Tuck—a figure adapted by many other companies in the past.

This is my 7th project inspired by Robin Hood's ballads, and includes Friar Tuck, Marian, and another member of the Merry Men at Robin Hood's camp in Sherwood forest. This project revolves around the ballads and a generic version of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and as such shouldn’t have licensing issues.

The project includes:

  • A hut covered in vegetation, with loopholes on the sides for archers, a table for eating using gold dishes, plenty of food in barrels and crates, and some tools and cooking utensils on the wall
  • A campfire surrounded by rocks and places to sit, with a fish rack and a bipod for making stew
  • The target, conveniently "borrowed" from the tournament grounds, with which Robin Hood split his opponent's arrow
  • Three minifigures, as mentioned above: Friar Tuck, Marian, and another member of the Merry Men roasting a fish over the fire. Since Friar Tuck is such a difficult minifigure to design with existing Lego pieces, I decided to give him his characteristic look using a yellow sticker over the bowl cut hair piece (after deciding that painting made the hair indentations even more conspicuous). He is accompanied by his trusty dogs

This project could appeal to fans of Forestmen, Dark Forest, classic castle, and Robin Hood; fans can see the set as a project with a great backstory, or another useful set for castle collectors with updated Lego pieces. The project also includes a lot of vegetation, food pieces and tools for collectors.

You can also see these pictures in better quality through Flickr:

Feel free to add any suggestions or questions in the comments if I missed anything.

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Feel free to support and share with others if you like this project and would love to see it as a set!

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