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Power Drill Mech


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This tough little mech is designed for mining in the deepest parts of the earth. With its compact and powerful design it can explore small caves and extract the crystals that other larger mechs and mining machines have trouble getting at. Between the pivoting torso and the flexible drill arm the mining abilities of this mech are many. With its narrow profile hand it can reach into small spaces to grab those shiny crystals and carry them back to the surface.

Powerminers was one of my favorite Lines of Lego sets as a child and always hoped they would continue making them. I wanted to build my own creations inspired by them and this is one of my first builds. I hope this mech will bring back some fond memories for others like myself.

I am working on a Mars Mission inspired Mech now and hoping to continue making builds inspired by my childhood favorite themes!

Thanks for looking, if you don't support let me know why and I'll keep your feedback in mind for future builds!

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