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The Good, The Fast and The Ugly - Small Spaceship Adventures

This is a small set of three spaceships based on the famous movie "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", where three outlaws team up to steal a precious booty. Take it into 2000 years into the future, we have our three characters:

- The space cop, with his/her fast and tough patrol. Equiped with all the gadgets to fight crime, or not?

- The racer, who has won multiple space racing championships, but still hasn't won the big price: glory!

- The space creature smuggler, along with his/her ship equiped with multiple tools to tug, catch and trap the biggest creatures in space.

I think these three characters have the potential to go together in really interesting and funny adventures together. Just like the movie, they can become friends or they can trick one another in order to achieve their personal goals. All in all, they are set for excitment and recognition amongst everyone in the universe (and our imagination!).


151 piece set

Police: 61 pieces
5" length / 12,7 cm
3" width / 7,6 cm
1" 1/4 tall / 3 cm

Racer: 43 pieces
3 1/4" length / 8,2 cm
2 3/4" width / 7 cm
1" 1/4 tall / 3 cm

Smuggler: 47 pieces
2" 3/4 length / 7 cm
3" width / 8 cm
1" 3/4 tall / 4,5 cm

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