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ArcheoViLego Greek Temple


This is my personal representation of a Greek Temple. I represented a Greek Temple built in the Doric style, but I added some elements of Ionic style, in particular I wanted to decorate the capital (crowning member of a column) in Ionic style, therefore with volute ornament using Brick 1x1x2 with Scroll and Open Stud (ID design: 20310). I tried to reproduce it faithfully, but also trying to make it look more harmonious and suggestive.

I tried to build it as much detailed as possible, but at the same time according to tastes closer to my heart: I was very satisfied especially about the so-called Guttae (small conical decorative elements that also serve to slide water away from edges of the temple) because I managed to put the tiles upside down (blue Tiles 1x2 Grille with Bottom Groove ID design: 2412).

Above the Guttae is the typical Frieze of the Doric order, having metopes (architectural elements that represent mythological scenes: depicted by me with small stuck designs) alternating with triglyphs (stone tablets decorated with three vertical grooves: represented by me with blue Tiles 1x2 Grille).

It would be a great set to bring people and, above all children, closer to the wonders of the ancient world through play. It would, therefore, also be ideal for schools because, raising the roof you can play with fantasy inside, changing the structure and including minifigures, vases, statues of gods, etc.

Such a set is still missing, so if you like it please support my project to see this Temple built by Lego.

Thanks from ArcheoViLego.

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