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Lego City - Harbour Crane

In a Harbour you need a proper crane to move containers, machinery or any other type of bulky good around ! And if the crane can also move around so that it can be trasnsported anywhere within the Harbour ? that's even better !
Here you are the first self-propelled hevy duty crane complete with the crew to drive, manouver and maintain it.
Turret can rotate 360°, wheels are independent and these can also steer 360° to allow proper placement of the equipment. The hook can slide back and forth on the mast and the chain system can actually lift any load.

The crane main structure is provided with stairs to offer possibility to engineers to climb to the upper station. This will allow maintenance practices to the crane upper structure as well as allow the operator to reach the crane control cabin. This is equipped with a fully glazed tiltable front screen that will offer a good visibility to complete object placing operations.

As safety feature operation of the crane is only allowed when the front screen is closed

Down below the driver will stay in contact with the upper cab in order to coordinate any movement of the crane to complete the object placing ops.

This cutout shows how the sliding sledge can actually move backwards and forward on the main mast.

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