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1965 Ford Mustang


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The Original Ford Mustang was introduced to the world by the Ford Motor Company on April 17, 1964. It was initially based on the platform of the second generation North American Ford Falcon. Since then it has become an American Icon, spawning the era of the Muscle Car.

This was my father's dream car, and I inherited his passion and appreciation for this specific model. Seeing as the likelihood of someone like me, who lives outside of the United States, to actually obtain this classic is close to impossible, I would like to share with the world this classic automobile. Hopefully, through LEGO Ideas, this American Classic will reach other audiences across the globe. Appreciation for this car transcends generations, and ensuring that this specific model continues to exist in LEGO form would be my greatest contribution to this car's legacy.

I propose that this model be preserved so that it can be appreciated by Mustang fans all around the world.

This is an accurate representation of this classic automobile that is in LEGO Minifigure scale. This is a legitimate 2-seater car that adds a "Real World" aesthetic to the LEGO System. All parts are available and already produced by the LEGO Company. It has an intermediate level build that ensures maximum enjoyment for it's target demographic.

I'm sure that anyone who builds this model will have the same level of enjoyment and satisfaction during the build and the playability of the automobile once it has been completed.

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