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Technicians and Engineers


My project is very simple; they are little display of engineers and technicians doing their work.

There are several goals of these build, one is to inspire teenagers towards trade they may not have considered in engineering but also as technicians in other fields. It is also intended at engineers and technicians wishing to display their trades in their office or even motivate students in university. Ultimately it is to promote higher study and science in general.

Each build rest on a 16x16 plate and has 2x4 tiles to display the job title for each minifig (sticker). There are two minifig per build showcasing diversity (gender, disability, race etc.). Finally, each build has some coffee as a tribute for all engineers and workers dedication to their work! Each would be sold separately for little less than $30US (assuming $0.10US per brick).

Aerospace Engineer and Aerospace Technician: This built is an engine test cell facility; the technician has tools and supervises a running engine. On the other side of a blast window is the Aerospace engineer collecting data on the engine performance. The engine is very detailed: fuel line, bleed valve, turbine, compressor as well as a drip tray underneath for any oil spill.

Chemical Engineer and Chemical Laboratory Technician: These two are working on a greener alternative to fossil fuel. The technician has many chemistry tools and prepares experiment on the fuel in his laboratory for the engineer. The engineer is taking data and inspecting fuel tanks at the facility, solving long term storage issues.

Civil Engineer and Construction Worker: The construction worker is completing a train bridge over a river and the civil engineer proudly displays the bleu print of the bridge she designed.

Computer Engineer and Software Programmer: The software programmer, surrounded by computer parts and soda cans is writing complex lines of code and test algorithm. She is accompanied by a super computer. In the office, the computer engineer is working on algorithm with pizza and coffee!

Electrical Engineer and Electrical Technicians: The engineer is in a shed monitoring readings at a power plant. The technician is in a genie boom fixing power lines and the communication (cell phone) tower. The area is fenced for safety!

Mechanical Engineer and Mechanics: Machines creating machines, this automated facility is building sports cars. The mechanic is trouble shooting an engine while the engineer monitors the robots ensuring top quality product.

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