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LEGO Cheese


The LEGO Group have never done sets based on food before. But I think this should change with LEGO Cheese: because cheese is too cool not to turn into a LEGO set.

We all love a block of Wensleydale or Gorgonzola so why not show that passion for the dairy product in LEGO form?

LEGO Cheese is just that: a block of cheese in LEGO form. The set represents the iconic look with the yellow texture and visible holes dotted around. It consists of 450 pieces (453 including the minifigure) and would look suitably appetising sat in a display cabinet. 

It comes with one minifigure: a LEGO Italian Chef who plans to use the cheese for the pizzas he creates on a daily basis.

If you love cheese as much as me, then support this product and destroy your teeth by biting into LEGO!

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