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Shrek's Swamp 🧅


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Hello and welcome to my LEGO Shrek’s Swamp IDEAS set.
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The idea started back in 2020 when I was playing around with random LEGO pieces and was watching one of my favorite movies. Yup Shrek! As a kid, I was obsessed with Shrek, from the movies to the games. Then it hit me, what about a LEGO Shrek set.

I quickly went on LEGO IDEAS to see if anyone has the same idea as me, so I can support it. Well… there wasn't much, and the ideas people had weren't getting enough supporters. So with excitement, I quickly started building, and soon I came out with my first LEGO set.

😬 okay, at this time I was so terrible at the building, it didn't hit as high as I wanted it to.

Now, in 2022 I have updated it to the max! I really hope you like it.


It was very hard to come up with the right mold and prints for the characters since I can't use a custom mold.

First off, let's talk about the Minifigures:

With Shrek, I wanted something more than an ordinary Minifigure, so the Biggie Minifigure from Trolls World Tour worked very well.

For Fiona, I wanted to capture her look from the first movie, and she comes with two different faces.

Puss has to be the cutest kitty out there, with his wee little boots, and his cape… AHHH

Next to puss is Gingy, with his candy cane crutch. I wanted to create him from the first movies because he was the funniest there.

The set comes with the 3 ogre babies; Farkle, Fergus, and Felicia! They all come with baby bottles scattered around the house, and their cute crib for their beauty sleep!

The last character in the set is Donkey, using Scooby-Doo’s mold, just colored differently to match what the donkey looks like.


The Outhouse is one of the most iconic scenes from Shrek, it was one of the first scenes in the first film, so obviously, I had to recreate it.

On the side of the outhouse is the “Wanted, Fairytale Creatures” poster. The outhouse also has Cattale’s by the side and the door uses a clear piece with the print of the crescent moon on each side.


The interior is chalked full of iconic scenes for all 4 films. Including the fireplace, dining table, magic mirror, bedroom, and more.

As you can see I had so much fun creating everything inside, one of the best parts is the fireplace with working lights. In the back of the building, you can push on a brick to light up the campfire. It's also nice because you can rotate the whole build to add more room to the interior.

I thought it would be great to add tons of Easter eggs to the build since everyone has a movie they like… or maybe they don't like Shrek at all, which is fine

Thank you for reading this whole thing, and I hope you like the set… it's SHREK-tacular

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