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Life Goblets

The set consists of five goblets plus a tray.
Four goblets refer to the four natural elements: earth, air, fire and water.
The fifth, green, placed in the center, is the goblet of life. This goblet is powered by the other four, as can be seen from the drawing on the tray.
I am passionate about science, philosophy and art and with this set I have tried to combine and express these passions of mine.
The set can be used as an elegant piece of furniture, a refined piece of furniture, a sleek centerpiece.
The individual goblet can act as a placeholder in a lunch or party.
I think it's a very special and unusual set, as well as being simple and very refined.
On each goblet are objects that represent the element in reality:
Colorful flowers, plant grass stems, golden glasses, taps, snowflakes, flags, fans, seagulls, candelabras, flames, hearts, gems, squirrels and gold decorations.
Furthermore, the bases of the glasses are embellished with two round tile frames.
The cups are decorated the with different shade bricks, such as the stems.
The green tiles on the tray In each corner of the tray there are green tiles, representing the expansion of the life.
I therefore believe that it can be appreciated by many as an interesting furnishing novelty and can be well integrated into any type of furniture.
Intriguing for those who are passionate about castles, ladies and knights, fantastic as an object for meditation.

Technical notes:
The set consists of 1549 parts.
The tray is 38.4 centimeters (15.1 inch) long and 39 centimeters (15.2 inch) wide.
Set is 21.9 cm (8.6 inch) height
The color palette includes transparent colors and metallic colors (Silver and Gold).
The tray is made up of a Light bluish gray base and bricks, that recall the goblets colors.
The decorations of the tray are made up of metal tiles (silver and gold)
To make the stem more solid, an "axle" has been introduced which reaches up to the middle of the pedestal.

This set was designed with software and was never built.

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