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Big Hero 6: Battle for the Portal


Big Hero 6: Battle for the Portal

This project is based on the final battle scene from Disney's award-winning 2014 movie Big Hero 6. Hiro Hamada, alongside his robot healthcare companion Baymax and his four super-powered friends, take on the evil masked man Yokai to save the city of San Fransokyo from being engulfed in a massive portal. Will Big Hero 6 be able to stop Yokai and the menace of his microbots?

Minifigures Included:

  • Hiro Hamada
  • Honey Lemon
  • GoGo Tomago
  • Wasabi
  • Fred ("Fredzilla")
  • Yokai

Also included is a brick-built armored Baymax with articulate arms, fingers, legs, and wings. He has a ledge on his back for Hiro to stand on. GoGo has her electromagnetic suspension bike, and Honey Lemon is armed with chem-balls and catapult for launching larger chem-balls. Wasabi comes with his plasma blades, and Fred with two flaming pieces of rubble. Hiro, GoGo and Fred come with hair pieces as well as helmets (Fred also coming with a separate head). Also included is a super-jumper piece for Fred, who has high-leaping capabilities in the film.

The Microbot structures weren't easy to design, but I did my best to make them look like they did in the film-- not organic, but made out of microscopic metal components. Included are a Microbot tower for Yokai, two traps: one with trapping claws and the other an opening/closing encasing cocoon; and three smaller Microbot builds. The portal, also encased in Microbot structures, has a center piece that can be knocked over (perhaps by super-jumper Fredzilla or Honey Lemon's chem-balls), and entered by a minifigure.

A family-friendly movie like this would make a great LEGO set that would appeal to all ages, boys and girls alike, as well as teen and adult fans. With colorful characters, a sinister villain, and a playable set, this project would create a fun and affordable addition to anyone's LEGO collection. 

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