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Usnavi's Bodega (From In The Heights)

"Lights up on Washington Heights, up at the break of day".
You wake up, and you've got this LEGO set with which you're gonna play.

This is a LEGO version of Usnavi's bodega from the musical In the Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This set would make a great collectors' piece for fans of the musical/movie as well as general musical theatre fans and anyone who wants to add a fun modular-style building to their collection. It incorporates many of the places and characters from In the Heights, giving builders the ability to recreate a variety of scenes. There are also many hidden details located throughout the set.!

The building consists of two floors and a roof, each of which can be lifted off individually.

First Floor (photos 1-6):
The bodega itself makes up the first floor of the building. Inside, you'll find the defining features of Usnavi's store, including:
  • a coffee machine and coffee cups
  • a fridge (containing spoiled milk)
  • multiple shelves of food, candy, snacks, makeup, and other household items
  • a newspaper rack
  • two ice-cream coolers
  • souvenirs from New York and the Dominican Republic (including a toy taxi cab, a mini Statue of Liberty, seashells, and bottles of sand)
  • a baseball bat on a rack
  • lottery tickets
  • an ATM machine
  • and much more!

The exterior of the first floor features even more details from the film version of the movie, including:
  • a fresh fruit display
  • a street light
  • a fire hydrant
  • a payphone
  • the store's sign outlined in green, yellow, and red "lights"

The rear exterior of the store is decorated with flags, a table, and chairs, making it the perfect spot to recreate the "Carnival del Barrio" scene.

A staircase/fire escape leading to the second story of the building also allows builders to recreate Benny and Nina's iconic scene on the fire escape!

Second Floor:
The second floor of the building, accessed by the rear staircase, is composed of two apartments behind a classic New York City brownstone façade.

The first apartment (photos 7-10) is modelled after Usnavi's home in the film version of In the Heights. It includes:
  • A joint living room/kitchen with a sofa, chairs, a table, kitchen appliances, and a fridge (food included)
  • A bedroom with a bookshelf, a night stand, a bed, and a hook to hang Usnavi's father's hat on
  • A bathroom with a toilet, sink, mirror, and counter top

The second apartment (photos 11-15) is modelled after Nina's home. It includes:
  • A study area with a desk, swivel chair, pen, paper, and computer
  • A dining area with chairs and a table as well as a set of shelves/drawers containing plates, silverware, mugs, and drinking glasses
  • A kitchen with a sink, oven, stove, spice shelf, counter top, and fridge (food included here too) Several cabinets in the kitchen house additional cooking/baking supplies
  • Nina's bedroom (a bed and bookshelf)
  • A bathroom with a sink, toilet, counter top, and bathtub

This set includes six characters from In the Heights, including (pictured from left to right):
  • Sonny de la Vega
  • Nina Rosario
  • Benny
  • Usnavi de la Vega
  • Abuela Claudia
  • Vanessa Morales

Thank you so much for reading this lengthy description! If you like this set, please support it! Thanks again! :)

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