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Train Scale

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My Lego passion is trains so its only fitting I choose this theme. I am a lover of HO/OO scale trains too so I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two. The main incentive is to downscale the size of Lego trains, whilst there is nothing wrong with them, not all of us have the space for a permanent set up so my idea is create a smaller one similar to HO/OO scale giving fantastic possibilities to create a stunning layout including buildings and scenery.

I used the beautiful Santa Fe as a prototype to down scale. The images you see were done in LDD. The larger Santa Fe is the size of the original Lego model. My prototype is the smaller one and is close to HO scale. Stud wise is measures 22 studs long by 4 studs wide. The engine itself is 4.1 bricks tall and the wheels/bogey plate is another 2 bricks tall so giving a total height of 6.1 bricks tall as opposed to the original model being 31 studs long with a total height of about 11 bricks tall.

My next piece of the project would be to motorise it and make a carriage. After that the TLG would have to make a train track to fit :)

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