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Monster Lawn Mower (with pull-back action)


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It's a regular lawn mower turned into a slightly bigger monster lawnmower! Its out to get your city's minifigures! (or any imovable object for that matter.) 
The lawn mower is equipped with the 10039 pull back technology!  
Cower in fear of its ability to outrun anything that doesnt have a power function or imagination!

Use the included magical garden gnome's magic staff's ability to remove the face and teeth of the lawn mower to transform it into a regular lawn mower with pull back action! (or vise versa)

This set is small enough to buy in mass, ideal for lawn mower army building!  (imagine a swarm of lawn mowers on your desk!)

If you support it to reach 10,000 votes, it will be the cheapsest Lego Ideas set ever! 


  • Pull back action with the 10039 peice!
  • Limited Articulating eyes and handle.
  • Can become a regular lawnmower
  • Comes in Red.

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