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The Orbiting Moon


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What is it? 
Well it's that one big thing we see in our sky. It's a recreation of the moon. I started with making a little classic LEGO ball. Then I finished the sides with all kinds of flat tiles to make it look like it has a rough surface. As a final touch, I added some more round shapes and different colors to be sure it looks like the real thing. The moon itself was finished, so I had to come up with a way to put it up. Then I decided to make it a little more special and added some gears and a lever. This way the moon itself can spin. It's simple but works beautifully. 

Why did you build it?
Who isn't fascinated by space? I am for sure! I remember looking at the stars from my boyhood house. One object always got my attention was of course the moon. So big yet so far away, it floats in space. Thousands of beautiful stars, yet the moon stands out for me. Now, so many years later, magic is still in the sky. And the big glowing ball was my inspiration for my build. I wanted to make it as accurate as possible.

Why would this be a great set?
There are many space sets, but there isn't just a true "moon" set. This is more into the architecture department, but looks so cool to me. The little astronaut next to the moon makes it just that little bit more special. And of course it has a little lever to make it spin. 

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