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Board Game Club

This LEGO build is a club.... with a hidden secret. It is a one-story building. In the front, there is an open doorway and beside it are two boarded windows. On the other side are two windows with some ivy growing along the walls. On the roof there is a trapdoor that opens into the main room. There are also two antenna. Right inside the doorway there is a large display shelf with a painting on it.... or is it! The bookshelf is actually the doorway that swings open to reveal a secret room. Inside this room there is a serpent staff and an Egyptian neme (that is apparently what the hats that the Pharos wore are called). There is also an ancient scroll hanging on the wall. Then entering the main room, there is a small bookshelf (no, this one is just a normal bookshelf) and many posters on the wall beside it. Near the bookshelf there is a desk with a card and a video game controller on it. There is also the large table with a game board is and all of the pieces are. This set has three minifigures. Two of the many club members, and a thief, trying to get through the trapdoor into the building to find the hidden treasure.

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