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Two Knights Walk Into A Coffee Shop

If you're looking at this project, you probably are interested in BrickHeadz. There is also a good chance you like to build BrickHeadz. You also likely have a hard time getting the pieces to build a normal person, like your sister, or your next door neighbor. So you may ask, are there any sets that give a lot of supplies to make normal people? Not until today. Two Knights Walk Into A Coffee Shop is that set where you can make normal people, awesome superheroes, or you can make whatever character you think of.

1. With the pieces in this set, you can make up to seven different BrickHeadz.
2. A lot of unmarked bricks so that you can make your own kinds of clothing.
3. Lots of accessories like: cups, a coffee machine, pizza, money, and even a sword, so you can make all sorts of scenes with your BrickHeadz characters.
4. A bunch of gold, silver, even some transparent bright green pieces, so you can add some bling to your creations.
5. This set includes legs for the man with the half cut mustache, the gal with the white shirt, the old man, and the kid with glasses. So they can sit on the stools.
6. Last but not least, a brick separator, so you can take your BrickHeadz apart to make something new.

  With Two Knights Walk Into A Coffee Shop, you can decide how the meeting of the two knights goes. Do the knights arrest everyone? Do they buy some coffee? You can even make your own characters and scenes. You could create a black blob man from the counter and black hair. Or you can make a dress from the knight's armor.

The set includes 866 pieces. All the pieces exist in real LEGO colors, since the build was made from real, finger scratched, sweat covered, money earned pieces. Two Knights Walk Into A Coffee Shop is not about two knights walking into the wrong timeline, it's about what you'll create with it.

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