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Toyota 7 Race Car (578A)

The Toyota 7 (578A) was a very unique turbo charged race car. Although the turbocharged Toyota 7 was never entered into any races, it still remains a legend among race cars.

I decided to build this Toyota as this car is little known to many people, and it truly is a unique car with an interesting look and history. This car uses a very interesting technique, at the back where 2 half pins are clipped into hand cuffs. You cannot do this on the computer perfectly, but in physical form it fits just perfectly. This car is built on a 7 stud wide platform, as to make the edge of the wheels line up with the body of the vehicle. There may be a few over complicated parts or missing colours, like the red livery (sadly very hard to do without stickers, and I don't know how to make digital ones), but this is because I built the physical version of my model on the computer, exactly the way it was built for real. 

I hope viewers find this build interesting, and I hope you guys like it! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

P.S. I rendered the images with for those out there that do not know how to. This software is free and so is the rendering feature that comes with it.

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