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Elemental Samurais

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The Elemental Samurais is just a thing I made up by combining some of my favourite shows. There is five samurais which have different elements (earth, water, nature and air). The fifth is the Golden samurai who can be summoned by the four elemental crystals. The Earth samurai has a mole mech (I didn't put this into the set), the blue samurai has a kraken mech (I didn't put this in either, or the blue samurai), the green samurai has a basilisk mech (this is in it), the white samurai has a griffin mech (this is in it too) and the golden samurai has a dragon mech (this isn't in it). There is a leprechaun who just helps them.

It's basically something based in the furure, It's a robot uprising and the samurais have to stop them. The set contains the following:

  • 10 minifigs
  • 748 bricks in total (minifigs included)
  • A post to summon the golden samurai
  • A griffin mech
  • A basilisk mech
  • The robot general's mech
  • 3 of the robots have jet packs
  • And thats pretty much it

Please support it and if you don't like it, please tell me why so I can fix it. If this gets 10,000 supports I will make more sets including the kraken, the mole and the dragon mech. Again please support it.

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