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This MOC is a semi-futuristic luxury motorcylce. My primary goals were to blend function, form, and efficienct usage of parts into a compact build that would balance on two wheels. In order to do that i had to do a lot of problem solving and unique use of parts to not only make it look pretty, but to allow proper function of the moving parts as well. I used a strategic technic subframe upon which the body panels are attached. Not a single stud is showing on the entire exterior design, ensuring a visually appealing form. This is a complicated set, but it has a simple and cool look to it. I believe this set would be cost effective and successful on the market with the right branding and minifigure. Moderately challenging to build, a cool looking display, and fun to play with, coming in around 165 pieces, it would be an affordable and fun system. Enjoy!

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