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H Scout


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It's always nice and fun to play and create with LEGO. Play creates connections between adults and between young and old. I find the space theme interesting because it places no limits on the imagination. Vehicles can do things that go beyond the laws of physics and explore worlds that the mind has imagined. The Classic Space theme is my favorite theme, and it would be nice to have new ships from which to make new pieces that can be used to build more new ships.

The Spaceship.
A spaceship designed for the exploration of new planets. Equipped with many sensors to analyze the atmosphere and the possible presence of life forms. It is also able to analyze any harmful radiation. Onboard instruments can also pick up communications or radar signals. Designed to precede ships carrying scientific personnel to analyze new planets. The spacecraft, designed to be embarked, is equipped with folding wings to take up less space in the hangars of the mother ships. A spaceship built to analyze any risky situations before landing personnel on the ground.

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