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Turaga Nikan


Nikan was once a Vo-Matoran from Tren Krom Peninsula who knew that The Order of Mata Nui exists and was given a Toa stone by Toa Jovan and transformed into a Toa of Lighting and helped Toa Lhikan defeat the Dark Hunters and Nidhiki. After the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Nikan gave up her Toa power to the Toa Mata canisters and became a turaga and led the village of Vo-Koro for one billion years until Mali killed her along with the rest of Vo-Koro and because Mali's weapons only disintgrate, Turaga Nikan and all of Vo-Koro can't be revived on the Red Star.

she wore the Kanohi Olisi, the Mask of Alternate Futures

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