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Bluey's House!

Welcome to Bluey’s house! 

This is based on the Heeler house from the amazing family show “Bluey”. There are minifigure placeholders out front for the Heeler family.  

The front of the house has the iconic view featuring stairs leading up to the front door, porch, a bay window, and red roof. From the back, the stairs lead up to the playroom located behind the front door and bay window. The playroom features a rainbow tent, the queen’s throne, and the kiwi rug. Bluey & Bingo’s bedroom is on the second floor with beds, bookshelf with Lampy, and the watermelon rug. The 2nd floor lifts off for easy access to the first floor.

Throughout the build there are nods to different episodes, including: a xylophone, a red balloon, Floppy, a throne, a magic asparagus, the ball from “Raiders”, Pedley, and “Stumpfest”.

Why did you build it?
My child is a huge Bluey fan, as is the rest of the family. I thought that Bluey would be a great fit for a LEGO set. My child is almost 8 now and loving to see the progress of this build, noticing the show references, and giving great feedback. 

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I believe this would make a great LEGO set for any Bluey fan to enjoy. I wanted to build this house in a way that would be a good representation of the house and play spaces. I really enjoy building sets anyone could build and have fun with. I tried to not let the piece count get too huge, using some previous LEGO IDEAS sets based on TV shows as a general guide.  

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