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Arrival at Hogwarts

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The Arrival at Hogwarts Set includes:

- 1x Hogwarts Carriage
- 1x Entrance Gates of Hogwarts


- 1x Harry Potter
- 1x Ron Weasley
- 1x Hermione Granger
- 1x Neville Longbottom
- 1x Luna Lovegood


- 1x Hedwig (White Owl)
- 1x Crookshanks (Cat)
- 1x Pigwidgeon (Grey Owl)
- 1x Trevor (Toad)
- 1x Thestral (Winged Skeleton Horse)

The set also includes:
- 1x Firebolt (Black broom)
- 1x Cleansweep 11 (Brown broom)
- 3x Chest (Dark Brown)
- 2x Chest (Beige)
- 2x Street lamps
- 1x Letter (Inside the chest)
- 3x Sock (Inside the chest)
- 1x Issue of the Quibbler (Inside the chest)
- 1x Issue of the Daily Prophet (Inside the chest)

Hogwarts Carriage with Thestral

The Entrance Gates of Hogwarts

Luna Lovegood, Crookshanks, Hermione Granger, Pigwidgeon, Ron Weasley, Hedwig, Harry Potter, Trevor and Neville Longbottom.

2 Street lamps, 2 beige chests, 3 dark brown chests, Firebolt and the Cleansweep 11.

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