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RMS Titanic (46'' real life model with lights)


A wireless from the Mid-Atlantic to sum it up.

A huge thanks to everyone for supporting this model, and congratulations to Ssorg's magnificent Titanic project for making it to the review stage.

Let's all cross our fingers that we will finally get an official LEGO Titanic.


A postcard from Queenstown

The deadline is approaching fast, and this LEGO Titanic is probably not going to make the crossing, although miracles do happen!:-) but there's one other project here on LEGO ideas that have a fair chance, so please follow the link and push the support button:


We need more steam!!!

300 supporters! - a big thanks to everyone of you.

However, in keeping with the Titanic analogy, this hardly takes us more than across the Channel to Cherbourg, so please keep it coming and do share wherever appropriate.

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