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This is Lego Doge. It would be the first internet meme official Lego set! Very kindly register and then vote! Many thanks!

I propose that this plaque with all its letter bricks be included in the set. And perhaps with some extra alphabet bricks, so people can create their own Doge thoughts easily! But if The Lego Company does not like to have misspelled messages in an official product, then I would be happy to consider a version with just the 'wow' plaque of the first picture. So this (so to speak) "creative spelling" is not integral to the concept!

This is not just a logo or mascot, even if Dogecoin has come to use it as its mascot later. It's a meme. No sarcasm is intended versus The Lego Company or Cuusoo, just a bit of humor. As is seen I have refrained from creative spelling in the project description text, as required by the Guidelines and House Rules. I don't think anyone holds the copyright or any patent on the general Doge concept, it seems to have evolved through the contributions of many authors. I only claim rights to the very dog sculpture shown here, and of course I have basically transferred those rights to The Lego Company by my very act of posting this on Cuusoo.

Doge is family-friendly.

Please spread the word! (We need 10 000 supports for The Lego Company to seriously consider making this.)

Have a nice day!

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